Welcome to Quail Park!

With this letter your neighbors and the Quail Park Homeowners Association Board would like to welcome to you.  It will outline some of the most important facts about Quail Park, including its history, organization and regulations.


Quail Park is a PUD or Planned Unit Development, originally named Hidden Hills.  It consists of 88 home sites nested in a natural, wooded environment.  Development began in 1973 and was initiated in three phases.  The first developer built the houses from Lancaster Road to the first trail.  TDC (Tualatin Development Company) bought the development, renamed it Quail’s Nest and then Quail Park, and built the majority of the homes.  When TDC dissolved, a third developer completed Quail Park in 1977.

Homeowner Responsibility

Each homeowner is a member of the Quail Park Homeowners Association and is responsible for individual home and yard maintenance.  If you have a question as to the borders of your property and common areas, please call the Architectural Committee.  Quail Post Road is a private road and the common areas and trails are maintained by a hired gardener.  Park residents pay monthly dues and assessment charges as outlined in the following paragraphs.  The dues cover water and sewer, street lights, streets and trails, maintenance of the common areas and general Quail Park expenses.  Any assessment charges are approved at the Annual Meeting to cover specific costs on major projects.  An example is the repair of the entire water system which was competed during the winter of 1992-93.

Dues and Assessments

Quail Park residents currently pay dues of $200 per month, payable on the first of each month.  Dues not paid in full by the 10th of the month will be subject to an accumulative $10 late fee for the first month a payment is late.  Additional late fees accumulate at the rate of $25.00 per month for each additional month payment is late, until the total amount is satisfied.

Dues and assessment charges can be deposited in the locked QPA mailbox located in the fourth set of boxes from Huber next to the box of 9905.  Payments may also be mailed to Quail Park Association, P.O. Box 19441, Portland, OR, 97280-0441.  Checks should be made payable to “Quail Park Association” and indicate on the check the time period the payment is intended to cover.

 Board of Directors

The homeowners are governed by a Board of Directors consisting of five members elected to two year terms each year at the Quail Park Homeowners’ Association Annual Meeting.  The two year terms are staggered so that three board members are elect in one year and two the following year.  The meeting is held on the second Tuesday in November and all homeowners are encouraged to attend.  The Board meets once a month and residents are always welcome.  However, voting is limited to the Board members.  The Vice President also presides over a five member Architectural Committee made up of volunteer homeowners who rule on applications for changes to the exterior of homes and yards as well as helping with decisions concerning the general landscaping and appearance of Quail Park.


The Conditions, Restrictions, Covenants and Regulations is the legal document outlining the regulations that govern Quail Park.  A copy of this document is included with your closing documents.  They are also available from members of the Board by request.  The regulations are based on a “common courtesy” a premise that has helped to make Quail Park a consistently great place to live.  You chose Quail Park for its ambiance and the Architectural guide is meant to preserve this environment.


The Quail Park Newsletter is published by your Board on a monthly basis and helps to keep homeowners up to date on newsworthy topics, dates of interest, etc.  Homeowner input is always welcome.  You can help reduce costs by letting the editor know your e-mail address and receive it electronically.  This is faster and you can print it in color!!

Board Members

The Board members contact numbers are available though a “refrigeration magnet” and listed in the newsletter.  If you have any questions or would like to get to know us better, please feel free to call any member of the Board at any time.  We sincerely hope you will find Quail Park a friendly, secure, attractive place we can all be proud to call home.


Quail Park can be accessed from the North at SW Lancaster Road and from the South at SW Huber St. Quail Post Road runs throughout Quail Park from SW Lancaster to SW Huber. Each Entrance is marked by signs indicating you have arrived at Quail Park. No overnight parking is permitted along Quail Post Road.

Homes are located throughout the park on cul-de-sac and loop roads located off both sides of Quail Post Road.  All house numbers in Quail Park are even numbers on one side of Quail Post Road and odd numbers on the other side. Signs showing the range of house numbers on each roadway off Quail Post Road are located at the entrance to each. Quail Post Road is a private road in the City of Portland and is for Quail Park traffic only.

Other useful facts

Garbage and Recycling - Quail Park is in the Waste Management, Inc. service area. Thursday is collection day.  Residents are encouraged to have containers out and ready for pick-up by 6 AM. Yard debris and compostable material is collected every week.  Garbage service plans offer every other week, or monthly pick-up service in a variety of container sizes. Contact Waste Management for a current schedule of rates, sizes and service frequency. The city of Portland sends out a collection schedule to residents twice a year.  This information is also lissted on the website page for the Bureau of Environmental Services, at the City of Portland website.

Annual walk-though – the Architectural Committee does a walk-through of the entire park in late spring to make note of exterior home repairs, maintenance issues and yard improvements that need attention.  Homeowners will receive a report from the committee of any repairs or needs that they observe.  The committee does a follow-up walk-through four to six weeks later to make sure attention items have been completed.  Feel free to contact the Board with any questions.